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Chuck Roberts Speaker Banner Photo.jpg

Presentation Topics

Color Like You Mean It!

If something's worth doing, it's worth doing it with passion.  This inspiring presentation reveals why it's important to approach every task with energy and passion, and how to make wise decisions that create opportunities for you to live a higher quality life. 

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Secrets to Superior Persuasive Communication

Your organizational and personal success are highly dependent on your persuasive communication skills.  In this revealing presentation you'll witness a cutting-edge persuasive communication method while learning how to connect with and influence your audience.  

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Start Leading


This inspiring and educational program will help you acquire the attributes to be an influential, motivational, and effective leader, no matter what your position is within the organization.  

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Secrets to Taking Sales to a Higher Level

Whether you're a sales superstar or working to get to that level, this unique presentation will give you know-ledge of cutting-edge scientific secrets that can  significantly increase your sales success.  The results you'll experience will inspire to do even more.  

Competitive Advantage 3.jpg

Creating Competitive Advantage

It's a lot easier to consistently and reliably achieve your performance goals when you have a competitive advantage.  This valuable presentation shows you how to create an advantage over any competitor and increase your win rate.  

What attendees say...

My mind is on fire.  This is just what I needed to hear.

This was the best session ever!!!

Amazing presentation!  Chuck's passion is contagious!

Really useful information and a really engaging speaker.  Awesome!

Second time seeing him and amazing both times.  Best presentation at the conference.

Very dynamic speaker!

Thanks again for presenting.  Everyone at our Board meeting today who attended was still raving about it.

Very impactful presentation!

Best session I've attended all week!

Excellent presentation with genuine takeaways we can really use.  Thanks!

Outstanding!  Very relevant!

Extremely helpful information.  Great presenter!

Very engaging, wonderful, and inspiring.

This was the best most relevant session I attended during the whole conference.

Roberts was worth the price of the conference!

Intriguing, interesting, challenging.

I could listen to him all day!

Bring him back for another presentation!

Color Like You Mean It Photo
Up the Down Escalator_edited.jpg

Making Change Work for You

Life is like going up a down escalator -- stand still and you're going down. To get to the top you must move forward with purpose, and that takes change. This change creates new and better opportunities for you to enhance the quality of your personal and professional life. 

Excerpts from one of Chuck's presentations

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