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When the pressure's on YOU to deliver,

you'll perform better with Chuck helping you

behind the scenes

Ghostwriting & Presentation Skills Coaching

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More Successful, More Comfortable, Greater Impact

Your communication skills have greater influence on your success than any other factor.  And, you'll experience greater success, feel more comfortable speaking, and gain stronger audience support when you engage us to ghostwrite your speeches and coach you in their delivery.  

Support that addresses a wide array of applications...

You can rely on us to address any application whether you're seeking to educate, motivate, entertain, align, or persuade the audience.  This is because our experience spans a wide range of situations and working with more than 35 industries.  These situations include, but are not limited to:

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Board Meeting and Budget Presentations

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Competitive Shortlist Presentations/Interviews

One-to-One Sales Presentation 2.jpg

One-on-One Professional Service Sales Presentations

Product Sales Presentation.jpg

Product Sales Presentations

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Election Campaign and Acceptance Speeches

Conference Presentation.jpg

Conference Presentations (Technical & Non-Technical)

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Meeting Emcee & Panel Presentations

Video Presentation - Policy Rollout.jpg

Internal Policy Change & Strategic Plan Rollouts

Video Storyboarding and Directing.jpg

Video Storyboarding, Script Development, & Directing

Crisis Management - Emergency Instructio

Crisis Management/Emergency Instructions

Why our ghostwriting and coaching are superior...CRACOM

More than 99 percent of all people think, write, and speak backwards -- 180 degrees opposed to the most effective manner -- especially when trying to be persuasive.  This is why communication is a root cause of more than 90 percent of all problems, and it is the number one issue identi- fied by employees of nearly every organization as being most in need

of improvement.  It causes conflict, mistakes, silo behavior, passive aggressive behavior, resistance to change, and a whole host of other issues.   


CRACOM     fixes that, and more. 

It's a proprietary persuasive com-munication methodology developed by Chuck Roberts, CEO of Performance Management Group,

Inc. (PMGI), and based on the findings of more than 25 years of research on competitive solicitations.  It triples your persuasive power by increasing attention, receptivity, comprehension, alignment, unaided recall, motivation, and response when used in verbal and written communications.  



Learn more about CRACOM

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What is ghostwriting?

Click here for more details about the three levels of ghostwriting

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Chuck "wrote the book"

on presentations

Seven Secrets to Superior Presentations.

Click here to order the book.

Keys to success...

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Engage Us Early


Engage us early so that together we're are able to make use of the full amount of time you have to prepare.  This will give you time to assimilate the guidance we provide and practice your presentation sufficiently to deliver it proficiently.  

Prepare for Presentations Like Any Compe

Presentations Are Competitive Events: Train Appropriately


Presentations are a competitive event.  You wouldn't get into the MMA octagon without training or you'd be beaten (figuratively and literally).  So, proper preparation for a presentation, like any competitive event, requires learning and practicing fundamental skills under the guidance of a trainer or coach before working on event-specific strategy.   If you wait until the week before the presentation to let us train you, you'll be at a great disadvantage and no matter how good the content is, the delivery will suffer.   

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Click here to learn more about our proposal and shortlist presentation ghostwriting services and other ways PMGI can help you increase your revenue and profitability

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