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Individuals & teams perform at a

higher level with training & coaching

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Highly relevant training that provides

a platform for superior performance 

Workshop Topics

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Secrets to Opening Doors and Closing Deals

Regardless of your current level of sales expertise, you'll leave this workshop with new techniques that can help you achieve desired outcomes a higher percentage of the time.  This includes learning how to synergistically combine the science of persuasion with other techniques. 

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Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Superior presentation skills are essential for effective leadership and to win contracts.  In this important workshop you'll learn how to use scientific principles to help you move the audience, reduce your discomfort with speaking, and deliver a compelling message.   

Make Writing Easier and More Effecitive.

Secrets to Superior Writing

Increase the effectiveness of your proposals and decision-making value of your reports by learning how to positively influence reader attention, receptivity, comprehension, alignment, unaided recall, motivation, and response.  This will greatly help you achieve your desired results. 

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Stop Talking Backwards!

Communication is a root cause of more than 90 percent of all problems.  This is because >99 percent of all people think, write, and speak backwards.  This eye-opening workshop will show you how to correct this issue, reduce miscommunication, and improve teamwork.  

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Get Engaged!

Employee engagement drives performance and is key to improving customer satisfaction.  Yet, Gallup's research shows that only 34 percent of employees are engaged. 

In this powerful workshop you'll learn how to significantly improve employee engagement. 

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The Amazing Power of Alignment

Superior alignment is a powerful competitive advantage because it enables your organization to accomplish more with less, reduce conflict, improve morale, and consistent-ly achieve goals.  In this workshop you'll learn how to improve alignment to create competitive advantage. 

What attendees say...

We have had great success over the past few months using some of the ideas and techniques that you provided during your seminar.  We have won 3 out of 4 shortlist interviews which has greatly impacted our win/loss ratio.

Great insight -- after 30 years in the profession, nice to learn something new and innovative.  Thanks!

Chuck Roberts really held the attention of the room -- I think everyone left wishing the session was an hour longer because he just kept providing value. 

This was one of the best sessions I've been to with actual demonstrated "how to" information that I can apply where I work.

So many new ideas, my mind is blown!

Extremely knowledgeable presenter with depth and candor.

Chuck is very methodical and informative, and pretty humorous.

Exceptional content that I can take action on in my role.

All suggested activities are do-able.

Excellent!  Bring Chuck back for other topics.

Great content explained clearly.


Great info that can be immediately applied.


I learned so much in a short time.


Excellent presenter, engaging content, and super helpful insights.


Chuck's presentation style is very easy to listen to, topics were in well-defined segments.  Good summary at end.


Really great content.  Great tools, simple for most firms to implement.


Terrific practical tools for our industry.


Has in-depth examples along with his superior knowledge.


The presenter did a good job of explaining the material that made it easy for the audience to grasp -- ideas like these are very helpful.  

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